Marcos Aurelio Reyes

Diane truly enjoys being able to represent artists who have been at their trade for nearly a lifetime. So it is with Marcos, the gallery’s lamp guy.

Marcos Aurelio Reyes’ love of nature has been a big inspiration for his works.  His passions were first expressed in watercolors, and have since progressed into cut paper art forms.

The designs are are crisp and are depicting hummingbirds and flowers and masks and abstract geometric design, and others have a beautiful spontaneous flow.

Lamp art has been a satisfying pursuit for for him for the past 15 years, enhanced by the magic of light, bringing a luminescence to paper and design that is pleasing to live with.


His shares his home, with three chihuahuas, and a large garden which enhances the artistic fruits we get to enjoy.

The lamps come in an assortment of sizes and styles.





NOTE: Items shown throughout the web site are samples of the vast inventory that we carry.
As almost all items are unique pieces of art, not all pieces are always available or exactly as shown.